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that's in today's ask allison. >> and later -- you're hitting close to home now -- later, the sound of funk is taking over studio b this morning, and we've heard them warming up. the funk art band is setting up. they're going to perform later this hour. ♪ >> sounds good. >> good morning, good friday morning. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. tucker barnes also with us, rounding out the crew here. he's in the weather center with a look at this day. >> allison, whoa, whoa, talking about football. >> did you know you're in it? >> i had no idea what the topic was, i kept it a secret. >> weather looks fine. cool start to the day. should be a lot of sunshine, what else is new? weekend looks great. we'll take it. live look at radar. a few clouds, as we get into the afternoon hours, that green you see, the cold front will start to approach the area. i don't think we'll see much in
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the way of shower activity. some of the clouds will move in late this afternoon and tonight. maybe a shower around here overnight into the first part of tomorrow. good news, the front will clear the coast early tomorrow morning and set us up for a great looking weekend, with lots of sunshine and highs in the 70s. current temperatures, speaking of 70s, 70 at reagan national. 62 dulles. bwi marshall, 86 degrees. forecast today, lots of sunshine, warm afternoon, 83 degrees your daytime high. tony, more details on the weather in just a minute. and of course ask allison coming up. tucker, thank you. we are watching developing anti- american protests in the middle east. this is a live look at demonstrations in egypt this morning. police set a concrete wall about 100 yards from the american embassy. we saw them doing that earlier. that was to try and keep protestors away. but they've been throwing rocks and bottles over the wall onto soldiers all morning. a mass rally was called for
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downtown cairo for today. the protestors are mad at an amateur movie produced in california that mocks the ophet mohammed. >> as friday prayers are letting out, more protests are expected. sherri ly is back with the latest now. >> allison and tony, the anger is growing and so are the protests across the middle east today. this violence erupted over that anti-islam movie, thousands now have taken to the streets today. the fourth day of protests that show no sign of dying down. riot police clashing with protestors in cairo today, trying to stop the mob from reaching the embassy. police fired tear gas into the crowd. you can see people running. more than 200 people injured in the forecast so far in egypt. the violence which began there has quickly spread across the muslim world. it followed an attack on the
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u.s. embassy tuesday, when four died, including the u.s. ambassador there. now the president is vowing to get justice in the killings. >> we are going to bring those who killed our fellow americans to justice. [ cheers ] i want people around the world to hear me, to all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished. >> that was a very personal loss. i'm the one who sent chris to benghazi. >> the u.s. has tightened security at embassies around the world. thousands have already taken to the streets today in india, indonesia and yemen. several protestors in yemen were killed yesterday amid the violence outside the u.s. embassy. now the u.s. has condemned this movie at the center of this protest and are calling for calm throughout the middle east. but they do warn americans
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overseas to be on guard for more violence. >> sherri ly, thank you. we'll be following the events in the mete here on fox 5. you can find much more about the protests on our web site, that's at allison? the federal government should be able to get by money- wise for the next six months. the house last night approved temporary funding legislation, it will go to the senate next week, which should clear the way to the president's desk. this is likely to be the last big action congress takes before the november election. today stock markets around the world are soaring in reaction to what the fed will do to stimulate the economy. ben bernanke announced yesterday the fed will keep interest rates low through 2015 and plans to buy mortgage securities. ben bernanke believes the measures could spur job creation and bring unemployment down from its current 8.1% to
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7.6% by the end of next year. u.s. stocks saw a rally after the nouncement. the dow climbed more than 200 points to its highest level since december 2007 when the recession began. in the race for the white house, president barack obama holds a lead over mitt romney in new polls of key states. in both florida and virginia, the president holds a 5-point lead over romney among likely voters. 49% to romney's 44% in the poll from earlier this week. on the campaign trail today, republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan is in virginia, and mitt romney campaigns in ohio. president obama has meetings in the white house this morning. tonight he holds a fundraiser at a private home in the district. yesterday the first lady was in virginia. she stopped in downtown richmond and later spoke to supporters at the university of
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mary washington in fredericksburg. four years ago president obama game the first democratic presidential candidate to carry the commonwealth in 44 years. on to the top stories of the day, new efforts in a search for a suspect following the murder of a 17-year-old girl in prince george's county. honor student amber stanley was shot and killed during a home invasion last month. today police are passing out fliers and talking with community members in an attempt to reach out to the public for help. and students and faculty at central high school will gather this afternoon to remember 18- year-old marquel ross. ross was shot and killed tuesday while walking to school. the 11th grader was shot early tuesday while waking the mile and a half to his school. students will wear blue shirts and release blue balloons on the football field. last night a vigil was held to remember that young man. the school is accepting
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donations for a memorial fund set up in his name. a judge has postponed a bail hearing for a baltimore teenager charged with shooting another teenager on the first day of school. the attorney for the teen requested the delay, saying the teen had been on suicide watch while being treated at a psychiatric hospital. the judge granted the delay pending a mental health assessment. he is accused of opening fire at a cafeteria. one of the bullets his a 17- year-old in the back. that young man is expected to be okay. tony? listen up, if you are riding metro this weekend, five orange line stations will be closed this week for track work. they are new carol ton, landover, sheafier le, dean wood and minnesota avenue. track work also will take place on the red and blue lines. details on the closings on our
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web site. go to and click on web links. meanwhile, a major breakthrough for metro. a new monitoring system to detect problems on the rails in real time. it was created to the crash three years ago that killed nine people. this animation shows what happened. notice as the front train enters the faulty track circuit, the computer system fails to detect it and automatically accelerates the next train, causing the collision. officials say the new system could preen another deadly accident. more speed cameras are popping up in communities in the region. it's no secret they're not popular. prince george's county police say recently vandals have been targeting the equipment. >> their solution? cameras for the cameras. fox's bob barnard with the story. >> reporter: that's a speed camera, one of 60 just like it in prince george's county.
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and yes, they're not the most popular things in the world. >> the way the economy is, people are struggling. and this is what we get. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: the one this one just replaced along racetrack road was destroyed by fire at the hands of a vandal. >> me being a christian, i was sort of like, that's not right. but a little subconscious you're like, i'm glad they did it. >> reporter: in recent months police say six of the county's portable speed cameras have been vandalized. >> includes everything from spray painting to being shot at. >> reporter: and that's why prince george's county police major says they've taken the unprecedented step of placing a security camera on top of the new speed camera on racetrack road. >> what that does, it photographs down at the base of the camera, just to number one, record any activity of someone that may try to tamper with the camera, and number two, to try to dissuade somebody from doing
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that kind of thing. >> reporter: what do you think about that? >> i guess it's a good idea. if people are vandalizing them. >> reporter: the cameras cost up to $100,000 a piece. >> looking at it from a taxpayer standpoint, the more that they tear up, the more taxes come out of my pocket. >> reporter: this is the first, but prince george county's police are promising this won't be the last of the cameras watching their speed cameras, hoping to have a dozen more up and rolling by the end of the year. the major says the speed cameras themselves are positioned for a reason. this one on wind brook drive this clinton was put here after two pedestrians were killed on this road this summer. >> our goal is to bring down the level of accidents, bring down the level of fatalities. >> reporter: if someone is going to mess with a camera? >> they're going to get locked up. >> reporte bob barnard, fox 5 news. new voting rules in
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virginia have ignited concerns among democrats. >> the toughened up identification regulations are supposed to curb voter fraud. some worry they may suppress votes from minorities. bob mccartney joins me after the break to explain. coming up on 11 minutes after 9:00.  q finally carpet cleaning got easier. try resolve easy clean to deep clean your carpets. just 3 easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. it removes 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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when president obama took office. this is china's. under obama, we've lost over half a million manufacturing jobs and for the first time, china's beating us. seven times obama could've stopped china's cheating. seven times he refused. it's time to stand up to the cheaters, and make sure we protect jobs for the american people. [ male announcer ] barack obama: failing to stop cheating. failing american workers. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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welcome back. the battle in 1862 was the bloodiest day of combat on u.s. soil. this year lectures and hikes will be held. starting today the national park service is kicking off four days of events marking the 150th anniversary of the civil war battle of anteitam. it gave president lincoln the political strength to issue the
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emancipation proclamation five days after the battle. voters in virginia will notice a change in november. a voter identification law is in place. critics say the tighter laws discriminate against the poor who may not have a driver's license, work place i.d. or other accepted form of identification. robert mccartney is the columnist at the "washington post," and his column this morning addresses the voter i.d. controversy, particularly in virginia, though it's also in other states. thanks for coming in. youpoint out in the column that the voter i.d. law that's been put in place in virginia is perhaps not as onerous as in other states. >> the one in virginia isn't as worrisome, frankly, as in other states. for instance, in pennsylvania they actually require a photo i.d. and in virginia some people pushed for that. some conservatives especially, pushed for that. but in virginia i think nine
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different kinds of identification, state voting card, and they'll be sends out new state voting cards to every registered voter, or they say they're going to. driver's license obviously. a utility bill will work if it's current and has your name and address on it. there are different kinds of that work. there is a tightening from the past. this was supported by republicans and opposed by democrats. the tightens is, if you don't have an i.d. in the past, you could sign your name and swear you were who you said you were. now you have to have some kind of i.d. >> in virginia, and you've mentioned the different types of i.d.s, will do in virginia, what's the worse case scenario in virginia, if i go to the poll and i don't have any of that with me, i can't vote? >> well, you can cast a provisional ballot, and you have to return to the voting authorities by noon on the
9:17 am
friday after the election, a valid i.d. the worst case scenario is really, that a lot of people who don't have traditional kinds of identification, and this tends to be the poor, tends to be the elderly, it tends to be minorities, statistically speaking it tends to be minorities, that they won't want to vote, and won't go to vote because they don't think they'll have the right i.d. they'll show up, get confused, they won't know even if they don't have the i.d. they can't come back on the following, by friday, by noon friday with something correct. the democrats are concerned that this will suppress the votes in traditional democratic constituencies. the poor, elderly, minorities. republicans strongly support these bills. democrats strongly oppose them. that is not nearly as onerous in virginia as in other states. it's enough of a change it's
9:18 am
causing concern among democrats and among people who work with the minority, poor, elderly communities. >> efforts afoot to make sure folks are informed, here's what you need to do -- >> absolutely. >> have they changed voting places for people, voting locations? >> i'm not sure. i don't know of that. but everybody should, you know, several days or weeks in advance find out where they're going to be voting. >> the big concern here, this change, it was -- this was politics, essentially. >> it was politics. especially at the national level. >> especially at the national level. and your concern and concern of many others on the national level is that, take the scenario -- >> my personal nightmare scenario, because it would challenge the legitimacy of the election, president obama wins the popular vote. the gop candidate, wins the electoral vote. so you have this split just as
9:19 am
you had in the election with bush and gore. except there's massive controversies over whether new republican backed voting laws affected the outcome. that would raise bigger questions about the legitimacy of the election than in 2000. i think that that would be really bad for democracy. given that obama is ahead in the polls right now, at least in the popular vote, but a lot of these voter i.d., you know, what the democrats call vote suppression efforts are being carried out in swing states. >> key states. >> it is conceivable that nightmare scenario is a plausible think, at least i think, to worry about. >> it is certainly a big topic, controversial. your column appears in this morning's edition of the "washington post." check it out. thanks for coming in.
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>> good to be here. >> see you again soon. allison. thank you, bob. thank you. is there such a thing as too much football? stick around for ask allison. let's check back in with sarah simmons. >> reporter: the sauerkraut pizza is done. i got to tell you, it is delightful. it is really good. tony needs to try this. so does everybody else. this is all about a culinary challenge called kraut rocks. we have local chefs part of this and they're going to show us how their incorporating sauerkraut into dishes you can try in the area. you're watching fox 5 morning news.
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we have breaking news from lebanon, where officials confirm more blood shed during anti-american protests. one person was killed, 25 others wounded during the demonstration against that anti-
9:24 am
islam film called "the innocence of muslims." such protests are unfortunately a familiar seen in the middle east today. these are live pictures of the demonstration going on in cairo, egypt. muslim clerics calling for mass protesting today. one woman is reunited with her ex more than a decade after they break up. you won't believe where she found him. the creepy story ahead. >> okay. also, are you ready for football? the redskins take on the rams this sunday, and there are 13 other games taking place. >> so is that just too darn many? i am tackling that question coming up in today's ask allison. ♪ the sounds of funk ark taking over the studios. we'll find out where we can catch them live this weekend.
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it's 9:24. we'll be right back. ♪
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heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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welcome back. this is a weird story. this may have you double- checking thumps and other strange noises you hear. a south carolina woman heard rustling coming from her attic. she sent up her adult sons and a nephew, and turns out a boyfriend she broke up with 12 years ago was living there in the attic. he had been there about two weeks since being released from jail. they say the man had rigged the ceiling vent so he could look down at her in the bedroom. he ran out of the house and is wanted by police. >> let me do this -- >> that's just weird. >> another kind of story. earlier, let's talk about this sweet story, we told you about this loyal dog in argentina. for six years he had been by
9:29 am
his deceased owner's grave. there he is. i can't even look at it. more amazing, this dog, captain, found the grave site though he had never been taken there. the man's family try to take him home, but he always goes back. now the cemetery staff feed and take care of him. earlier, i told you that at around 9:30, i would tell this story. here's what i learned. i found it touching how the whole man's best friend thing. native american folklore says one day there was a big earthquake and all the humans were on one side, and all of the animals were on another side of this divide. it was getting farther and farther apart. the last minute dog jumped over to be with man, and that's the bond now. isn't that so sweet? >> yes, it is. >> there is a bond, it's weird. >> absolutely is. >> i'm going to tell this story without crying, because i'm
9:30 am
strong now. when my beloved zeke, rest in peace, he was sick at the end. he made it to 13. i had to put him down. he was so sick and blind and deaf. he couldn't do anything. but at the very last minute, he licked my face. the doctor said, he's gone now. >> aww. >> it's okay. it's okay. i think the bond between animals and humans, not just dogs, very special. seems we hear these stories more on dogs, katie, our cat loving producer. just kidding. katie is saying, i love dogs, too. anyway. that's the native american folk tale i heard. isn't that sweet? >> yeah. >> tell your friends, a little water cooler fodder for the day. >> is that the exact words? >> i brought it down a little bit. >> unlikely it happened. but it's a nice story. >> who knows? >> maybe it did. >> have been earthquakes,
9:31 am
haven't there? >> rarely people on one side, and dogs on one side. >> dogs are good jumpers, aren't they? i'll believe it. >> i'm dreading this ask allison. you know i'm always on the wrong side of these things. >> i have a lot of masculine energy. you might be surprised to hear my answer. >> 70 in washington. lots of sunshine to start the day. we'll be back up in the low 80s later this afternoon. that's nice. most of the week here, though cool in shots. 59 in frederick. 71 now in annapolis. few more clouds than yesterday. no showers associated with this little area of cloudiness. a cold front off to the north and west. another cold front looks like it means business, but it will generally be clouds moving through tonight. it will be later tonight. so most of the day mostly sunny skies. and later tonight, cold front will come through with a sprinkle, maybe a shower. best chance north of the city.
9:32 am
and behind the front guess what? more high pressure, more sunshine for your weekend. though a little cooler. little cooler and drier to the north and west of that. futurecast showing the front. 9:00a.m., watch what happens later today, sun approaches, cloudiness later this afternoon. and washes out overnight. does bring us a little bit of cloudiness late. clears out. beaches tomorrow, here in d.c., mountains out to the west, should be a beautiful day with a nice north -- one of those september weekends we look in order to during the summer months, nice breeze out of the north and west and cool, dry air in place. 83 today. mostly sunny skies. warm afternoon. winds out of the south at 5 to 10. not a lot of humidity. partly cloudy. could be a shower tonight. 62 the overnight low. most of the region dry overnight, with the passage of that front. here is your accu weather seven- day forecast, and that's what you call a nice looking
9:33 am
weekend. upper 70s with lots of sunshine and maybe showers around monday, tuesday. >> thanks, tucker. ♪ kindler and gentler scene. it's friday. it's football season. and it's time for another ask allison. one viewer wants to know, why do the games take over on sundays? here is the question. she asks, is there any way that we can ask nfl commissioner roger goodell to shorten the number of games that play in one day, or at least shorten the quarters? i'm on a quest to marry the love of my life, the one who gives me butterflies and makes me laugh when nothing is funny. i cannot fulfill this mission with football on all day. she says, help a sister out! very funny, sweet viewer. thanks for writing in. let me just say, nothing is going change with the way
9:34 am
football is played with the lengths the quarters. you know that. with the number of games on a sunday or the length of times the games are on. i know you were kidding. now it's time to face the reality of things. here's what we know, football means preseason games in august, regular season games september through the end of december. playoff in january, and the super bowl in february. games are normally sunday, monday and thursdays. watching these men run up and down the field in their tights does dominate many homes during the season. here's my advice, if this man loves football, and you know he does, you have to compromise. don't start off trying to change the guy you love. i say sit down on the couch with him sometimes and watch yourself. have folks over and make it a party so you have girlfriend time, too. our friend bob mccartney weighed in when he was in here. he's a writer for the post.
9:35 am
he says, make he can choose two games to watch so he can spend quality time with you. as far as getting married, weddings are typically on saturdays. i didn't mention those days in my games. you can plan your nuptials for that day. if you try to change him and complain about him doing one of the things he loves the most, it will be a problem. he's been watching football and loving it probably since he was a little boy. i know he loves you, too, and i think you can work it out. that's my advice. for the manly perspective, or something as close as i could find on short notice, tucker is here with us. what do you think? this is touchy. >> it is touchy. i think your advice is good. i like bob mccartney's suggestion. can you really just watch two games a week? it could be a lot of games. >> it's a lot of games. you told me yourself, because i
9:36 am
wanted to go to harper's ferry sunday, katie, you can you put up the games. i wanted to do harper's ferry. marcus is a ravens fan. look at all these games. sunday is, it's a day in the weekend we want to spend time with our guys. >> there's saturday. here's my deal, this comes up a lot. >> i know it does. >> here's the thing i don't think we understand as men. you know it's football sunday. you know we love football. for many of us, it's like the last thing we have left before we go into the garage or our man cave. enjoy a couple football games -- >> tucker, should it be all day on a sunday? be fair. should it be all day? >> only 16 weeks. >> but this guy loves football, so maybe he's got a backup team -- >> it's only four months a
9:37 am
year. football appeals to men and wom the gladiator in us. it's something many men need. >> would you appreciate -- >> it's a release for us. >> if your girlfriend, wife, whatever said, can you watch one game and maybe we can do somethg together? would you, or would you appreciate it if she said, i know you love it, just watch it, i'm going somewhere else. >> i would love it if my girlfriend or wife watched with me. >> and many do, that's great. what gets us, the frequency with which, the wife or the girlfriend, and i've dealt with this, and i don't have that problem anymore. but-- because we don't have a tv. no. but-- >> and your wife left you. >> the frequency the women say -- i'm like, no. you know -- >> it's our weekend. we don't want to clean the gutter sunday. >> what will the gutter get
9:38 am
cleaned? >> saturday or another day, or we'll hire someone. >> or in july. >> that's when there is no football. >> i appreciate it, and you guys are manual. - - manly. >> thank you. if you have a question for ask allison. there's the old music. ♪ tell me something good ♪ >> are you ready for some football? or not. >> manly men. [ male announcer ] this is america's manufacturing when president obama took office. this is china's. under obama, we've lost over half a million manufacturing jobs and for the first time, china's beating us. seven times obama could've stopped china's cheating. seven times he refused.
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it's time to stand up to the cheaters, and make sure we protect jobs for the american people. [ male announcer ] barack obama: failing to stop cheating. failing american workers. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. but it isn't always easysy to fd one... i'm mitt romney anncr:r: a good job. it's the ky to a good life. a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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britain's buckingham palace is investigating a french magazine publishing topless photos of kate middleton. she says she is saddened the pictures are being published. kate and prince william are in malaysia today on a visit. photos of her taken off her top sun bathing in french was
9:42 am
caught by the paparazzi. one artist is bringing a new light to celebrity mug shots. >> this artist takes the mug shots of well known celebrities and combines them with mug shots of the 20s. >> celebrities like lindsay lohan. check it out, with like one of the old gangsters probably. yeah. also charlie sheen, snooki. they have also fallen victim to his artistic idea. >> i like that. >> i like it, too. >> he hopes it will bring a sense of normalcy -- that's snooki? that will be her in like 15 years. >> i hope not. >> it will make them more relatable to other people. i think it's cool. >> ma barker, wasn't that her name? very cool stuff. if you typically think of sauerkraut as a condiment, think again. from your game day dog to your
9:43 am
plate, spike mendleson is challenging local chefs to create dishes using sauerkraut. sarah is showing us how kraut rocks next. the band is called funk ark, and they recently dropped their second album, and coming up next they're performing live ahead of a big concert this weekend. we'll be right back. ♪  4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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welcome back. we want to correct something we told you earlier about weekend work on metro. only the greenbelt station on the green line closed this weekend, not stations on the orange line. only on the green line, the
9:47 am
greenbelt station. now i just messed up the prompter. only the greenbelt station, the only metro rail station closed this weekend. there you go. kraut is not just a topping for hot dogs. this month sauerkraut gets a makeover. >> the idea is to challenge cooks everywhere to come up with cool dishes for the condiment. sarah simmons has more. >> reporter: i know it is a tall order. you think of sauerkraut and you think of bratwurst or reuben. these guys have put it into a dish where you wouldn't say, wow, that's sauerkraut. but you can taste it a bit. it's all part of a challenge called kraut rocks and of course spike mendleson, top chef alum here, making kraut as well. thanks for talking with us today. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> reporter: made the pizza earlier. i tasted it.
9:48 am
stellar, by the way. little hint there. tell me more about what this is and what you're trying do. >> you know, it's all about kraut awareness. we're trying to, you know, take the fear out of fermenting. get people to eat kraut. be creative with it. using it in different ways. doesn't have to just be in a hot dog. i have teddy showing us how to do it. he's creating a dishes mussel dish. >> sauerkraut used in three different ways. sausage, ground up sauerkraut mixed with the pork. in the sauce, i used kraut juice. and use the sauerkraut to thicken the sauce. >> reporter: this is on your menu? >> yeah. >> we encourage the people out there to visit the restaurant. you can go to to see the participants. >> reporter: and we have the
9:49 am
chef and coowner here at red line. what have you got here? >> [inaudible] -- i wanted to put a little fish, i cooked the bacon, sauerkraut, fish and brawn beer. about an hour. when it's ready, you get this beautiful -- [inaudible] -- appetizer. really nice for the family. and some liquid mashed potato. then you put right on the plate, right here. >> look at that. >> reporter: potato in there. what else? >> mashed potato, and the juice from the cooking sauerkraut and you put everything right here. nice decoration. ready to go. >> reporter: all right.
9:50 am
>> with the accent, he is selling it. we're getting the home grown chefs out of d.c.. >> reporter: they can vote online, too. >> yeah. the idea, people go to the restaurants, taste the food, log on and vote online. >> reporter: i think we should taste it. i don't know why you're holding this up for me. >> let's go. i'm in. >> reporter: what all is in here again? >> fennel, sauerkraut sausage, touch of cream, and sauerkraut cream to make it thicker. >> reporter: it doesn't scream like sauerkraut, but adds that little bit --
9:51 am
>> sourness. and the fennel on top. >> reporter: that's good. >> sauerkraut, bacon, sausage, together with brown beer. that's what you get. >> like a little package of -- [inaudible]. >> reporter:, but you can find it on our web site, all the recipes will be there. check it out. wonderful food. we are changing sauerkraut as we know it. nobody puts sauerkraut in the corner. nobody. back to you guys. >> nobody puts sauerkraut in the corner. sarah, thank you very much. based in d.c., the funk ark band blends big band, latin funk and dance music with an afro beat. there's a day of music, food and fun tomorrow for a big festival. first, they are here to perform. we will talk to them before that. the funk ark band.
9:52 am
i have will here. want to introduce everybody quick? >> yeah, definitely. josh k, lee on the drum kit, mark backwood on the bass over there. we have joe on the trumpet. matt on the baritone saxophone, and greg on guitar. >> big band. the band varies in size at different times depending on the gig. >> it does, yes. >> the description i gave, is that an accurate description? >> i think it's a pretty accurate description. we try to incorporate different types of funk music from around the world. i'm a big fan of african music. i'm a big fan of latin music. i wanted to fuse them together and find a way to play all the stuff i like. >> tell me how this came to be. some would say, you look like a rocker. >> i guess so, yeah. i'm kind of wild and wooly
9:53 am
here. yeah, it came about because i started listening to james brown a lot back in college. and i kind of, after listening to that, i wanted more. i started seeking out different funk related music to listen to and to play. so i started researching african music and africa 70 bands. and salsa, stuff like that. >> we were listening, and it's great. d.c. half street fairgrounds is where the event is taking place. a bunch of other bands performing live. tickets are still available. there's your info. we'll have all this information on our web site. your last album came out
9:54 am
earlier this year. what are you playing today? >> it's a song called "chaga,." >> thank you very much. here we go, the funk ark. ♪
9:55 am
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♪  [ male announcer ] this is america's manufacturing
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when president obama took office. this is china's. under obama, we've lost over half a million manufacturing jobs
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and for the first time, china's beating us. seven times obama could've stopped china's cheating. seven times he refused. it's time to stand up to the cheaters, and make sure we protect jobs for the american people. [ male announcer ] barack obama: failing to stop cheating. failing american workers. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. there's your seven-day forecast. 83 today. weekend, upper 70s. lots of sunshine. whatever you want to do, enjoy. >> going to be a funky weekend. >> aren't they good? >> yeah. >> tell me how people can get tickets. >> at ticket, and >> recent album is high noon, on itunes. first album, from the rooftops, also on

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